Six Sneaky Hiding Spots for Kitchen Germs

Watch full video here. What are the sneakiest hiding spots for kitchen germs?  Microbiologist Lisa Yakas, of NSF-International recently set out to answer that question.  Her findings confirm that germs are especially partial to environments that feature moisture and food residue.  Twenty volunteer families enlisted in Yakas’ NSF-International project in which participants swabbed 14 common […]

That White Film on Baby Carrots: Myth and Fact

There is no truth to the myth that the whitish film on baby cut carrots is a chlorine residue from carrot processing. Myth: The white film noticed occasionally on baby carrots is a chlorine residue from carrot processing that presents a cancer health risk to consumers. Fact: The white film in question, sometimes referred to […]

Activating Your Holiday Kitchen

It’s the holiday season and your kitchen may be one of the millions in America that is about to be activated. Get ready to turn out your favorite dishes in the warmest, friendliest room in the house. But keep in mind that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year one in […]

A Guide to Safe Reusable Grocery Bag Use

Environmental consciousness and municipal “bag taxes” are curtailing consumer use of new plastic and paper shopping bags in many areas of the US. Consumers, myself included, are getting better at remembering to “BYOB”—“Bring Your Own Bag”—to the marketplace. In my view, this paradigm shift in American shopping is positive from the perspective of resource conservation. […]

Cantaloupe Contamination: What Consumers Can Do to Help Reduce their Risk of Foodborne Illness

The rough texture of the cantaloupe rind provides many potential attachment points for dirt and associated bacteria. The evidence is mounting that cantaloupe food safety deserves increased attention from both producers and consumers. Three recent contamination incidents support the need for new approaches. First, an unidentified farm in southwestern Indiana is believed to be the […]

Risky Behavior: Eat Raw Cookie Dough? Just Say No!

Pre-packaged, ready-to-bake cookie dough is believed to have caused a 2009 E. coli outbreak in 30 states. Cookie dough should not be eaten raw. As delicious as it may be, unbaked, commercial, prepackaged cookie dough can make you sick. That’s the conclusion of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigative study of a […]

Rocky Ford Cantaloupe Growers Association Highlight Safety and Transparency

Rocky Ford cantaloupe being planted at Hirakata Farms, Colorado (Photo courtesy of Spring cantaloupe planting is under way in Colorado, and following a tragic foodborne disease outbreak last year, growers are determined to regain consumer confidence. In 2011, over 30 people died and at least 146 were sickened during a Listeria outbreak traced to […]

The Jensen Farms Cantaloupe Outbreak: How to Avoid Repeating a Tragedy

Chlorinated wash water used during cantaloupe processing can help reduce the risk of foodborne illness to consumers. Last summer a family-owned farm in Colorado became the focal point of the largest foodborne illness outbreak in the US in 25 years. Tragically, cantaloupe contaminated with Listeria bacteria sickened 146 people in 28 states, killed 30 and […]

Thanksgiving: Keeping it Healthy for Everyone

Thanksgiving is almost here and across the country cooks are gearing up for one of the most spectacular feasts of the year. But as food preparations begin, is there enough focus on holiday food safety? Last year at this time the Water Quality & Health Council conducted a survey that found Americans are more concerned […]

Can the U.S. Avoid a Foodborne Outbreak from Contaminated Sprouts?

Forty people died and more than 3,500 became ill this spring as a result of ingesting E. coli-contaminated vegetable sprouts grown on a German organic farm.  Investigators do not know the source of the extremely virulent strain of E. coli, but one thing is certain:  Making sprouts safe for consumers has been a concern and […]

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